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Pre Op Appointment

Its all becoming a bit real now. Its when you start discussing the consent form whereby stats such as 1 in 10 women will wake up with a temporary colostomy bag after surgery, that things really start to hit home. Its when you've been waiting for this operation for a year and then all of a sudden its less than 2 weeks away and you're sitting in your pre op appointment getting your dietary information and bowel prep, that you start to panic about whats to come over the next few months. Its when its consuming every free minute of your waking day making your mind go over and over the potential risks, that you start wishing it was still a year away and not 2 weeks to go. Yep its definitely becoming all very real now.

On Tuesday I had my pre op admission appointment at the hospital. It started off with a chat with my consultant confirming what we were going to be doing as part of the surgery. I was advised I may wake up with a drain coming out of my side in case there is an excessiv…

MRI Scan Results

When you're in pain on a daily basis, and the level of pain has increased over the last year, you know its got worse. Thats obvious surely?! But strangely, even though I know that makes sense and appears to be obvious, its the confirmation of someone telling you that its exactly the case that I struggle with. I've had it before with previous appointments and I've had it again today. I guess its the information finally sinking in. Its the idea that you could be imagining it disappearing and the realisation that how you've been feeling is actually fact. So when I had my MRI scan results through today that realisation hit again.

I had my scan a few weeks back, remember, the one where I hit the panic button and got pulled out of the machine! Haha. Well I got a snippet of my report through via email today. It was a lot of medical jargon that I have no idea about but it was the small summary at the end that basically summed it up. A 5cm cyst, a new 2.5cm possible fibroid and…

Me Update

Its been a busy few weeks for me and my body so I thought I would update you all on whats been happening in my world.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my third MRI scan. I usually have them on a yearly basis to see how my Endo and Adenomyosis is progressing. My consultant likes to call them my MOT! For all of you who have had an MRI, you'll appreciate how tiny that damn machine is, so its never something I look forward to. I don't know whether I was feeling particularly anxious that day, but for the first time I had to press the buzzer to get out of the machine. Ugh embarrassing much! I couldn't calm my breathing and I felt sick with panic, I just had to get out of there. Its unusual for me and as always, my stubborn mind told me to get straight back in there and to finish the scan after a few minutes of fresh air. It was a long 60 minutes but I got there in the end! I know that I'll have many more scans, and no doubt I'll also have to press the buzzer again in the fut…

My Endo Poem

My Grandparents wrote me a little poem so I thought I would share it with you all...

It’s Endometriosis, Endo for short Something your born with, It cannot be caught Affecting just women, With no signs to show The men are so lucky, They just don’t know how The women who has it, They say one in ten There’s not much to help them, The condition to stem Endo is bad But there is Adeo as well If you have them both It does make life Hell Our Grand-daughter has them both And we know she’s in pain Just what is Life there for, It happens again and again We Love her so much And stand by her side She’s a Lovely Young Lady, And her Grandparents Pride

World Mental Health Day

I'll be the first to admit that I've always been a bit cynical about mental health. All of a sudden everyone had a mental health issue. And sometimes its just felt like an excuse. But I have watched others around me, close friends, go through really tough times. I've ridden the highs and the lows with them too. One minute everything is fine and the next you're trying to calm down the frantic crying person in front you, trying to make them realise that life is worth living. But fortunately I'd never experienced what they were going through for myself. I'd never questioned my life or the future I had mapped out for myself. But I have felt low. Like really really low and I've certainly been to a very dark place all thanks to my Endo and Adeno...

Some days you feel like you're on top of the world. Those days usually come with limited pain. And when those days seem to come so few and far between, it really is an amazing feeling. The days where you don't …

”We’re in desperate times”

Yesterday was the hospital appointment I've been waiting for since February this year. Its been a long and hard 7 months, with my symptoms getting worse and my emotions getting harder to control. I wasn't expecting much from the appointment knowing that my surgery is in 12 weeks time but it still managed to hit me like a train. Reality can be a bastard like that...
The statements "We are in desperate times. We have no other options" or "your case of Adenomyosis is the most prominent case I have ever seen, and if I needed to share an example of the disease with my students, yours would be the one I would use" or "I know you’re only 27, but I can now justify doing a hysterectomy" were things I wasn't quite ready to hear. I thought I was, but in reality I’m not sure anyone truly is. I’ve known for a while that my options are pretty non existent. We’ve tried the various hormone treatments, the uterine embolisation and pain medication with no succ…

Self care

We all know the frustrations we feel when an endo flare up hits. And it's always when we least expect or want it to happen! I've struggled with the frustration element massively but I've learnt along the way the importance of accepting it and trying not to feel guilty for the disease.

The below article is a great read on 5 tips for self care during a flare up. Have a read and see what you think.

What are your self care tips?

A x

Infertility & Acceptance

Yesterday bought the fourth of our North Essex Endometriosis UK support meetings and a chance to meet up with the ladies I now am lucky enough to consider my friends.

As always we covered some interesting topics but one in particular really made me think about my situation. Infertility and acceptance. As you know many women with Endometriosis suffer with infertility, and for those of us with Adenomyosis we often face the prospect of a hysterectomy at some point in our lives. For many, that is a bitter and hard pill to swallow, regardless of your age. But as one of those women who were diagnosed and given this news at an early age, I have felt like a ticking time bomb ever since.

The question was asked in the group yesterday whether having the diagnosis at an earlier age would have been preferable from a fertility point of view compared to someone who was diagnosed with Endo at a later age...

When I was given the news at the age of 23, I was instantly told that if I wanted a baby, I ne…

Endo 1 - Amy 0

Its been a while since I've been online. In all honesty I've been struggling with giving Endometriosis more of my time then it deserves. When I started this blog it motivated me and I genuinely felt like it was helping me. But recently, its been the last thing I've wanted to do. Why do I want to talk about something that has already taken so much from me. Why would I want to talk about something I have nothing positive to say about. Why would I spend my time writing about something that has consumed so much of my time already...Well, I guess I probably write about it for all three of the reasons that I've just written. So here I am, writing, again.

Its been a few months since I had a real bad flare up. 6 months in fact. I've been fortunate to be able to deal with the general day to day pain. Even when it creeps up on me and hits me a little harder, I've been able to cope. Managing it with over the counter pain medication and choosing to be stubborn and work th…

Support Group Reminder

Hi All,

Just a reminder that tomorrow hosts our next North Essex Endometriosis UK support group. Come along 10.00 - 12.00 at Myland Parish Church Hall, Colchester. Absolutely everyone is welcome, so please come along for a cuppa and a biccie.

Hope to see some of you there!

A x

She's back!

Its been a while. I said I was going to take a couple of weeks off and its turned into almost a month away. It was needed. I was feeling really low. Writing about how I felt has helped me enormously in the past, not only with getting things off my mind but with accepting the cards I had been dealt. But it was actually starting to make things worse for me. I needed to stop letting this disease completely consume me.

There is a lot of negativity that comes with living with something you know will never been cured. Not long ago we lost a member of the Endo community. The pain and the lack of help made her feel like there was no other way out. I know what it is like to have dark days, but I hope to never ever feel like there is nothing but complete darkness like she did. And that is part of the reason I write this blog. To help me but to also help others know they aren't alone.

So here I am! Back sitting here, writing to you all. Its been a good couple of weeks. A week away on holida…

Taking a break

Firstly I want to apologise for my lack of blogging recently. I feel like my life is being consumed by this frigging disease. Daily I contend with not feeling myself and dealing with the pain. When I see people they ask how I am and want to know updates (which I appreciate!). And even simple conversations at work about pregnancy can turn my day upside down. So to come home and write about it as well, just seems to be extra hard work.
I go away in a week and a half so I won't be blogging then either, but I'm going to take a break from now for a while. I'm going to take some time for myself. I know there are things that I want to investigate, such as adoption, but I also want some time to not think either. I want to try and give myself some time away from thinking about this dreaded disease and I hope my body will allow me to do that too.
Don't worry, I will be back and I'd like to thank everyone who continues to follow my journey and read my blog.
Rest up. Take care…

Thank you

I wanted to write a quick blog to thank all those people who have supported me and continue to do so through my good and bad days. I've struggled over the last couple of weeks with not only pain, but with feeling pretty low with it too. Everyone tells you to keep positive but when you're stuck in that rut, you don't know how. I've always said friends and family are what get me through my worst days and I still 100% stand by that. Without you all, I don't know what I would do.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

A x

Never ending pain

I've had some lovely messages of support since my last blog on Tuesday from friends and family. I really do appreciate all your words and although I am struggling, it does help.

Unfortunately, I had to leave work at lunchtime today due to my pain. I had taken painkillers and had a hot water bottle, but whilst I was talking to a colleague at my desk, all of a sudden it felt like my heart was doing somersaults, I felt faint and I was feeling nauseous. I have no idea what it was but my heart was pounding in my chest and I was struggling not to be sick. It was horrid.

I hate what this disease is doing to me. Not only that but I'm embarrassed. I don't want people to see me when I'm struggling, especially at work. Some might say I'm too proud, or simply just too stubborn but thats just how I am. I've had the chance of having a natural family taken away from me, so I find it extremely frustrated that its now effecting the one thing I've thrown myself into. My work…

Hospital Appointment

I've had an odd day. First thing I headed into London, suited and booted, ready for an interview for an exciting opportunity at work. I was nervous but excited. I was anxious but determined. And although they didn't give anything away, I was pleased with my presentation. I felt good. The pressure had been lifted and I had done everything I could to give myself the best possible chance. I made my way back to Colchester feeling pretty happy with myself.

And then I got a voicemail from the hospital....

As you know I've been waiting for my operation date. I was put in for the op on 5th December 2016. The NHS waiting times state patients should be treated within 18 weeks of referral for the procedure. Keep that in mind when I tell you the next part. The voicemail was advising I finally had a operation date. My first thought "YES!! Finally! Pain free days are coming!". The next part of the voicemail was "you're booked in for 30th November 2017". My next t…

Flare, Flare, Flare

Its been a week for pain. I've written about my flare up over the last few blogs and how its been a testing and intense time. Luckily its not the same every month but one in every few flares, it feels like its never going to end. It drags on and just when you think its easing up, it smacks you back round the face again.
Yesterday was our second North Essex Endometriosis UK support group. I woke up in pain but was determined to get myself to the hall as I had been looking forward to it. I was slightly later leaving home that I wanted due to feeling nauseous and struggling with cramps. But I took pills and got myself in my car. I made it across town in good time and parked up down the road from the hall. Just as I got out of the car, I felt horribly dizzy and faint. I grabbed a post by the side of the road and got myself into the passenger side of my car. What the hell! I was so close, please body don't let me fail so close to getting to the group!! After a few minutes of deep b…

What a week!

Wow what a week!! Its been stressful and exhausting, but equally motivating and invigorating! This week I have learnt new skills and dealt with difficult and challenging situations. But I've succeeded in each one. I may be knackered but it makes me excited for what the future may hold in my professional career. I've always been keen to develop and move up in my role, but this week I've proven that not only is it possible, but that I am also able to do so in the middle of a raging endo flare up! Now that is a definite accomplishment!

My pain is still pretty horrendous. The burning stomach won't ease up and it feels like its weighing me down. I know that stress seems to make it worse so fingers crossed a chilled weekend will help improve my symptons. Until then, I just need to persevere with it.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow is the North Essex Endometriosis UK support group that I wrote about at the beginning of the week, with guest speaker Mr Barry Wh…

Whats worse...

Whats worse than a stressful day at work? A stressful day at work with a nasty endo flare up.

Whats worse than a stressful day at work with a nasty endo flare up? A stressful day at work with a nasty endo flare up and coming home to clear up cat sick on your bedroom floor.

Whats worse than a stressful day at work with a nasty endo flare up and coming home to clear up cat sick on your bedroom floor? All of the above plus standing in some cat sick you didn't see!!!!

And whats even worse than all of the above? Not being able to come home and enjoy a gin and tonic to help the above because it'll make your pain even worse!!

My pain levels are through the roof today. It was bad yesterday but my goodness I am struggling right now. The constant heavy, burning tummy ache is making it hard to walk. Everything takes effort and I'm running on the last fumes in my energy tank. I was awake at 4am this morning which is typical for when I'm having a flare. I also have to wee a thousan…

North Essex Support Group

Hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Its flown by but its been a good one. Plenty of sunshine, family and friend time, plus the added bonus of a successful house valuation today. Exciting times ahead!

Next Saturday, 3rd June, brings the second of our North Essex Endometriosis UK support groups. This months includes a guest speaker, one that I know pretty well! My Consultant, Mr Barry Whitlow, who is a Gynaecologist and Endometriosis surgeon.  I'm looking forward to seeing the ladies again but I'm particularly looking forward to seeing what Mr Whitlow brings to the group.

The session is open to anyone, those who suffer and those who know women who suffer. Come along for tea and biscuits and to meet other women in the same position. The support group runs 10am - midday, at Myland Parish Church Hall, Colchester.

Hopefully see some of you there.

A x

Nothing new

I know I need to write a blog, I'm just struggling with knowing what to write. I could talk about how tired I am recently and that there seems to be no let up. But thats not new. I could talk about my lack of motivation, and that everything is taking a lot of effort. But thats not particularly new either. I could talk about my frustration about my lack of hospital date, and how every day I get in from work I look longingly for a letter on the doormat from the postman. But again, thats not new.
Basically, theres not much new stuff going on at the moment. I've been spending quality time with family and friends, and working hard at work. I did receive my The Endo Co bracelet this week which was a perfect little treat. Its so lovely and I would highly recommend ordering one, especially as some of the proceeds goes toward Endometriosis research. Find out how here.  
Hope everyone is keeping well. And remember, in Ellen's words, be kind to one another.
A x

Out of Order

I don't know whats happened this week but it feels like its been pretty hard going. I can't even say its been anything in particular. I've just found work draining. And my tolerance levels have been questionable. The afternoons have hit me like a tonne of bricks. Its been an overly frustrating week, and although I'm all for repping the positive vibes thing, sometimes its easier said than done.

I think I rely on others around me being positive and when that starts to fall, I struggle to go with it too. I know I haven't been sleeping well so perhaps its just me being tired and grumpy too. I'm just glad its Friday, put it that way.

A x

Cream crackered!

I'm not sure why but this afternoon has caught up on me and I feel like I've been hit by a train. My pain has been relatively bad over the last couple of days but its continued to creep up on me and now its pretty intense. I've come home, got straight in my comfy clothes and plonked myself on the sofa.

I know I've got an evening ahead of trying to perfect an application that I'm writing for a new opportunity at work. I worked on it until 9pm last night and spent another hour on it on Sunday. I really want this. But my goodness I am SO tired. Fingers crossed it'll be worth it.

I've received a letter from the hospital today regarding my appointment last week. Its addressed to my Consultant and details the fact I am struggling with pain more and more. Hopefully it'll give him a little push a long the way to getting the surgery booked in. Who knows, it may even be sooner than I'm thinking.... nahhh who am I kidding. Still a date later in the year would …

Lazy few days

Its been a quiet few days after my birthday craziness. Thursday after my hospital appointment, Bex and I headed into London to see John Mayer at the O2. It was a good night but I was still struggling a lot with pain after my birthday meal on Wednesday. It was also a late night which I have paid for since. So the last couple of days has involved a lot of sofa time and relaxing at home.

After having the reaction to the steak the other night, I am more motivated than ever to get my diet back on track to help ease the pain. I have been eating plenty of veg and avoiding anything I know is going to make my flare any worse than it has been. Luckily, the pain has eased up now, although I'm still bloated.

Its my first full week at work this week, since the beginning of April. I've been using holiday up and now the new holiday year has begun so its time to knuckle down and push on with my project. Hopefully my body will allow me to do that.

Still no movement on my operation date and I&#…

Hospital Update

So I had my hospital appointment at 9am this morning to discuss my bowel endometriosis. I sat down with a nurse practitioner who was very attentive and informative.

She explained the different options that may occur in my excision surgery at the end of the year. Below I have detailed these with a little help from Endometriosis UK website (thanks!).

There are essentially three surgery options for bowel endometriosis, which will be tailored to an individual’s needs:
Affected areas or nodules can be “shaved” off the bowel leaving the bowel intact. This option may leave residual endometriosis.For smaller areas of endometriosis, the disc of affected bowel is cut away followed by the closure of the hole in the bowel with stitches.The affected segment or section of bowel is removed and the bowel is re-joined (re-anastomosis).There is a possibility that a temporary colostomy will be needed. However, I was told this is rare and would only be required for 6 weeks. Some complications to consider ar…

Happy Birthday to me!

10th May can only mean one thing, it's my birthday! And what a birthday it's been. For the first time in years I decided to work my birthday. It wasn't all bad as my team took the time  and effort to decorate my desk with LED lit balloons, a banner and a huge badge! They're a good bunch and I hope they know how much it brightened my day.

This evening I've been to Miller & Carter with my family and bestie. Wow! What a meal. But damn am I paying for it right now. I knew deep down eating a steak was gonna become a regret but I wanted to treat myself, after all if you can't treat yourself on your birthday when can you! But within 30 minutes I was in cramping hell! By the time I got home I felt sick and my stomach was absolutely screaming at me. It's not the best way to end the day but the food was pretty amazing so it was kinda worth it!

Thank you to everyone who gave me wonderful gifts and took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday! I love birthdays because…

Is it getting worse?

One of the things I dislike about Endometriosis and Adenomyosis (just one of many things!) is the fact you can't physically see whats happening inside. You never truly know if is getting worse. You know your symptoms and how you're feeling, but you don't definitely know its a side effect of the disease or something else.
I know that in the last year my pain has steadily been getting worse. The pain level has increased. The amount of time I've taken off work has increased. The days out that I have missed out on has increased. And my sofa surfing time has definitely increased! But what is actually going on inside?!
I've started getting a lot more pain on my right side and in particular in the last 24 hours, I've been getting shooting pain in my right shoulder. Its agony and trying to get comfortable is near on impossible. But is it the disease or something else?! I know shoulder pain can be a symptom of endo but what does it mean is happening for me inside?
You c…


It doesn't seem that long ago that I was writing about hitting 10,000 views on my blog. But today I doubled that and am now at over 20,000 views! Wow!

I'm humbled by the continued support and response I get to writing my story. It still takes a lot for me to share what is a very personal journey for me, but I appreciate everyones kind words.

Thank you thank you thank you!

A x

Tired but happy

Well May hasn't started too badly but my goodness I am tired!

Monday I went to see The Shires which meant a late night and 5.5 hours sleep which hasn't set me up very well for the busy week I am having. However, I won't let tiredness stop my productivity! I had a great day at work and smashed out a load of work which has put me in a pretty good mood. Off to London again tomorrow so that'll add to the tiredness some more but these things have got to be done.

Today I ordered my Endo Co bracelet which is in the pic below. I'm super excited to get my hands on it so am hoping it arrives quicker than the 10-15 business day delivery it states!!

You can find the bracelets for sale at the link below. 30% of the proceeds will be donated to the Endometriosis Coalition to help raise awareness and research.

A x


Its been a busy but positive few days.

Friday was a productive and successful day, I managed to sort my mortgage and save myself some pennies. Plus I received a phone call which contained some feedback from work which was so positive and uplifting. I worry about my work sometimes and the impact this disease has on how I perform at my role, including the time I miss due to being unwell. So its a massive boost when I hear that people think I'm doing so well.

Saturday I woke up nervous because it was my first Endometriosis UK Support Group. The idea of walking into a place where I don't know anyone is always daunting but I promised myself I would make the effort to attend. Well, I don't know what I was worried about! Everyone was really lovely and I'm looking forward to the next meeting already. The only problem was I had to leave halfway through because typically my little Pebbles got ill and needed to be taken straight to the vets! £95 and over an hour in the waiting ro…

How to Support Someone Living with Endometriosis

Its always hard for people to know how to deal with someone who has Endometriosis. What do you say? You can't say anything that will help the feelings of loss and sadness of dealing with a lifelong disease. What can you do? You can't take away the pain that they suffer with day in day out. How can you help? You can't do anything whilst they are curled up in pain high on meds.

Its easy to think you can't help or say the right things. But remember, those of us who suffer do hear the nice things you say to us when we're feeling low. We do recognise that you would take the pain away if you could. And we do appreciate all the things you do to help make our lives easier.

This post was a great read and gives some pointers if you're wondering how to help! Have a read here:

Thank you to all those that support me.

A x

Back to it!

YES!!! I made it back! After 3 long frustrating weeks, I got my arse into gear and got back in the gym this morning. Its amazing how much of a boost it gives you when you finally get something done that has been annoying you SO much.

On top of that I got to go for breakfast with my best friend and actually enjoy it without feeling sick or bloated after eating! Woohoo!

I've got a busy few days off ahead. Tomorrow food shop and popping into town, Saturday I have the first North Essex Endometriosis support group set up by Endometriosis UK. Sunday I'm off to the Grand Designs Show at the Excel in London and Monday is finished off with a meal and seeing The Shires at the Ipswich Regent.

I'm excited for the next few days. Its a good feeling after feeling low and groggy for the last couple of weeks. Fingers crossed the positiveness continues...

A x

Bowel Endometriosis

This morning I read an interesting article that Endometriosis Australia posted on Facebook. As a sufferer of Bowel Endometriosis and someone who is waiting for the excision operation mentioned, I found it really useful.

Have a read here:

A x

Rough couple of days...

Day 4 of migraine and day 10 of having a headache. The left hand side of my head has taken quite a battering over the last 4 days. And I'm still struggling. I must rattle with the amount of pills I've taken to try and ease this migraine. I've lived in my glasses that  I usually only wear at work when I'm working at the computer screen. What a nightmare its been!

Its not just the feeling unwell thats annoying. On Friday I was due to have my next set of braces from the Orthodontist but with the migraine they didn't want to do the prep work that was required. Now I'm already 4 weeks behind schedule for my teeth which is frustrating.

It also means another weekend out of the gym, which makes it 3 weeks out of doing something I enjoy. Not helping my mood!

And to top it off today I was due to be at the London Marathon with my family and bestie. Instead I'm home watching it on the TV whilst on the sofa and my family are there enjoying themselves.

I've spoken ab…

Migraine & Flare up

Well it turns out my positive pants didn't do the trick this time. Yesterday I wrote about a bad headache that wasn't shifting. So you can only imagine my disappointment when I woke with it again this morning. But this time it was even worse!

I got up ready for work but quickly realised it wasn't going to happen today. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day with what now felt like a migraine wasn't going to work. I admitted defeat and texted my manager (hello if you're reading!).

It's been a day of popping various pills to see what helps. Firstly migraine tablets, then codeine. I hate taking codeine so I only give in to it when I absolutely have to. It makes me feel all kinds of funny! But needs must. Now as I'm writing this my headache is still pounding and the stabbing pain has begun in my pelvic area so perhaps it's not just a migraine and actually a flare up that I'm suffering with.

It comes back to the usual situation of never knowing wh…

Positive Pants

Why oh why won't this headache go away! Its been a week of headaches and its been steadily getting worse. Today I gave in to migraine tablets washed down with some vanilla coke but still no let up. Whats a girl to do!

Work is busy but good. Hoping that my body starts to be kind as I've got a few days in London coming up. I am also dying to get back in the gym. Please please please body, is it really too much to ask?!

In other news its 3 weeks today until my birthday. I'm hoping 27 brings better news than 26, and that it'll give me some relief from pain at some point.

Gotta keep my positive pants on nevertheless. After all, it can always be worse...

A x

Pull your sh*t together!

I'm sitting here in my gym wear writing this post. I should be at the gym, I want to be at the gym and yet my body has other ideas. I've cried through frustration this morning. And as I was told to "pull your shit together" the tears flowed more and anger set in. It hit a nerve and so now I'm a "crazy bitch" too.

I know it wasn't meant to be nasty. I know it was just trying to get me motivated to get to the gym and to stop feeling so frustrated that my body hasn't let up on pain for the last 3 days. Every day I've wanted to get to the gym and every day I've had to give in and watch others do what I want to be doing.

I've learnt more than ever that I have to listen to my body and not push myself too hard. But do you know how frustrating that is?! To watch everyone around you do what you want? To watch people never be able to understand the feelings you have because you have this rotten disease that is eating you from the inside? Its n…

Ginger & Ice Cream

I've been researching and also speaking to some of you about what you do to ease some of the symptoms that Adeno and Endo present. One in particular is nausea. For a while now I've described it as having morning sickness. Bit of a bad joke considering thats what you get when you're pregnant!! But for a while now I've woken up feeling sick and by lunchtime its usually worn off. Some days it can last all day but it seems to be a common morning thing.
Upon speaking to fellow sufferers and through my own research ginger is of course known to help with nausea. I've tried ginger tea before but it can be time consuming to make in the morning before work. However, ginger shots were recommended as something else to try. 
I've looked into recipes for the famous ginger shot but whilst I was in Waitress this morning, my bestie noticed they did them there. So for £1.50 a shot, I thought I'd give them a go. They taste great! I've got together a couple of recipes to …